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Kids Dentistry

Creating Healthy Smiles for Life!

As your children grow older, maintaining good oral health is essential to their physical development. Kids should see their first dentist by the age of 1 when their teeth first begin to appear in order to promote healthy teeth and gums and to monitor chewing, digestion, and speech development. As kids grow older, regular visits to the dentist will encourage an awareness of proper dental hygiene, the link between diet and cavities, and oral injury prevention. Nothing is more precious to a parent than your children’s smile and it is important to give them the right start to oral health.

At Fulham Dental, we know that your child’s teeth are important to you, and we are as committed to their total health as you are! Infants, children, and teens all require different education and care to promote oral health and avoid future dental problems. Our dental team provides:

  • preventative treatments, as well as tips on teething and brushing for babies and infants
  • regular preventative visits, orthodontic assessments, custom-fitted sports mouth guards, and emergency care for kids

Helping your children develop a healthy attitude towards taking care of their teeth and gums will increase the likelihood that they will enjoy a lifetime of good dental health.

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Kids Dentistry at Fulham Dental

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